Pro Certified Lifetime Warranty


Unlimited Time. Unlimited Mileage. No Cost To You.
ENGINE: Cylinder block, cylinder head(s), rotor housings and their internal parts, intake manifold, exhaust manifold(s), timing gears, timing chain(s) or belt(s), timing chain or belt tensioner(s) and timing chain or belt cover, valve cover(s), flywheel or flexplate, ring gear, harmonic balancer, oil pump, vacuum pump, water pump, oil pan, turbocharger or supercharger housing(s) and their internal parts, waste gate, intercooler, engine mounts, and EGR valve.

TRANSMISSION/TRANSFER CASE/ALL-WHEEL DRIVE ASSEMBLY: Transmission case, transaxle case, transfer case and their internal parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator, cooler and metal cooler lines, transmission mounts, slave cylinder and master cylinder of a manual transmission clutch assembly. 

DRIVETRAIN ASSEMBLY: Final drive and axle housing(s), and their internal parts, axle shafts and bearings, universal and constant velocity joints, drive shafts, center bearings, universal and constant velocity joints, center bearings and drive shaft yokes, four-wheel drive engagement actuator/motor, traction control linkage, solenoids, control processor and sensors, and 4x4 locking hub. Front wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. 


Q:Is the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty coverage only valid for repairs performed at Hyundai of Dothan? 
A:Good news! It is valid anywhere in the U.S. with an ASE certified mechanic.

Q:Do I have to have my car serviced at Hyundai of Dothan for the warranty to remain valid? 
A:While we would prefer to have your car serviced here where we can ensure you are taken care of as one of our valued customers, you are not required to have your automotive service and maintenance performed at Hyundai of Dothan. If you perform your own maintenance or use another facility, please keep an accurate record log. 

Q:Is this Lifetime Powertrain Warranty transferable? 

*Disclaimer: Lifetime Powertrain Warranty not available on non-qualifying pre-owned vehicles more than five years old, and/or with more than 80,000 miles. Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned vehicles protected by manufacturer's Certified Pre-Owned warranty are also ineligible. Terms and conditions subject to change by Hyundai of Dothan without notice. For more information please contact Hyundai of Dothan. Lifetime Powertrain Warranty applies to ALL new Hyundai's, ALL pre-owned vehicles with less than 80k miles and no more than five years old, and DOES NOT apply to CPO (certified) cars.